Mark Sonn
Full Stack Website Developer


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Leading the team responsible for the design & development of the new frontend, backend, database, ops & security for

My team discover & patch security vulnerabilities. We also mitigate attacks through password policy, web SSO, phishing training, etc.

My team halved the use of external consulting & services, saving the company a significant amount of money each year.

We standardised internal infrastructure, especially workstations and networking equipment.

We help maintain the monolithic legacy system by rewriting & refactoring code, while migrating, updating & deprecating old servers.

Jun. 2017 - Present

I have taught university Computer Science courses to many hundreds of UNSW students & high school accelerants (up to 200/year).

My forte included data structures, algorithms, security & web-dev (courses: COMP1511, COMP2041, COMP2521, COMP6841).

University of New South Wales
Feb. 2016 - Present

Investigated software & hardware bottlenecks which were affecting the training & inference performance of Tensorflow ML models.

Experimentally tweaked Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) hyperparameters, notably reducing inference time by about 3 seconds.

Scopio Labs
Dec. 2017 - Feb. 2018


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